Is your bike fast enough?

Here at DAS performance, in our minds no bike is ever fast enough. Sure, were limited to 65 and 70 miles an hour on state highways, and none of us ever speed on the highway… But, when we go to the dragway, the rulebook is out the window! This is why we offer motorcycle dyno tuning!

DAS performance takes great pride in building two wheeled rockets! We have literally built the world’s fastest bike, a 1991 GS X 1100, oil cooled, and capable of 262 MPH! The shop owner, Eric Paquette, has been an industry leader in sports bike performance for many years. In the 1990s, people thought he was crazy when they saw a laptop plugged into his GSX R. They weren’t laughing when he started claiming speed records.

We take great pride in speed, and love making motorized things faster and more powerful. To help us do this, we have a Dynojet 250i, which is one of the best dynamometers available, capable of measuring up to 750 hp and 200 miles per hour, it is capable of measuring a bike with a wheelbase of up to 84 inches. This handy piece of equipment will tell you exactly what your bike is doing, and then we can tell you how to make it go even faster! We can also dyno your bike before adding performance parts, such as a supercharger or turbocharger, and then Dyno test it again to show you a before and after comparison.

So no matter what the bike you own, we are the specialists in motorcycle dyno tuning North of Boston to visit. We have been in this industry since the early 90s, and we live for speed. Our motto is if it moves we will make it move faster! So if you want to sit down and discuss adding performance to your motorcycle and motorcycle dyno tuning,, such as a turbo kit or a supercharger, give us a call, or stop into our shop at 1901 Bridge St. in Dracut Mass.

Motorcycle Dyno tuning from DAS Performance