Custom Harley Davidson Kits

Get Your Rev on With Custom Harley Davidson Kits

Our company has been interested in the fabrication (and optimization) of the performance and modification of anything that moves—yes that includes Harleys and other awesome bikes. We’ve been building and innovating equipment with our knowledge and experience since day one, and hope to pass some of the fun on to you.

Are you looking for the best custom Harley parts around? DAS Performance has a wide selection of the best custom Harley parts and kits available. We offer a large selection parts and brands that you know and trust. They’re reliable too; our components and castings are made from some of the strongest and most reliable material around. You won’t find more dependable custom Harley Davidson kits than you will right here on our site.

What can custom Harley Davidson kits do for my bike?

“Custom” Harley Davidson kits, it’s in the name. If you want to customize your beautiful bike into something personal, or see an overall improvement in its performance, an engine kit is one of the best options to explore. The custom Harley parts, however, depend entirely on your preference and the type of bike you are pushing.

Our wide selection of Harley parts allows you to mix and match what suits your style best. Maybe you’re the fast rolling type, or maybe a chopper is more your style. Whatever it may be, you’ll find the best custom Harley parts right here.

We can offer you a quote on all of our customer Harley parts and kits.

If you have any questions about custom Harley parts or anything else regarding the performance level of your bike, feel free to call DAS Performance today at 978-453-0807 and talk to one of our experienced technicians. We can help you find the perfect custom Harley parts to optimize the performance of your bike.

Feel free to drop by our location in Dracut MA.

Custom Harley Davidson

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