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Motorcycle dyno tuning Q & A

Motorcycle dyno tuning from DAS PerformanceIn today’s world, performance is what it’s all about. If you are looking to get your Harley to perform at its peak ability, you need to dyno tune it with the professionals at DAS Performance.

Here at DAS Performance, we have spent the last 20 years making fast things go faster. With world record holding GSXRs, we know what it’s like to build speed. If you are considering a motorcycle dyno tuning, but have questions, this Q&A should help you out.

Q. Does this really work?

 A.  Most certainly! Especially when adding performance parts, a motorcycle dyno tuning can improve the performance of your motorcycle. Every motorcycle shipped to the United States has to pass strict EPA regulation requirements. Motorcycles

 are set up to run lean in mid range, and rich in the top end. This setup robs your

 Harley of performance! A dyno tune can solve the problem.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Depending on the bike, it can be anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Every case is different.

Q. Can all bikes be dyno tuned?

A.  No, carbureted bikes are not recommended, as you cannot properly set up a carbureted bike on today’s pump fuel, as they all contain methanol. Dyno tuning works quite well on fuel injected bikes.

Q. What motorcycles benefit the most from a dyno tuning?

A . Bikes that have been recently been worked on, adding performance parts. Twin cam Harley Davidson’s benefit greatly.

Q. What can I expect from my motorcycle after dyno tuning?

A. While it is on exactly what you put in for performance parts, anywhere from 5 to 40 hp can be gained. That can be a significant increase in power.

At DAS Performance, we use ProCharger products. They offer great supercharger kits for Harley Davidson’s. We have done some outstanding work with ProCharger in the past, collaborating on projects, and do more ProCharger kit installs than any other performance shop in the US. If you want performance out of your Harley Davidson, a motorcycle dyno tuning should be in your bike’s future! Give us a call at 978-453-0807 to schedule an appointment today.

The Harley Davidson twin cam…

Custom Harley Davidson from DAS PerformanceIf you recently purchased a custom Harley Davidson, get ready for a change in lifestyle! Ownership of a Harley Davidson can provide a lifetime of smiles as you cruise the open road. But if you are twisting the throttle, and not getting the response you want, than it’s time for a performance upgrade. The Harley Davidson twin cam is a dependable motor that can deliver plenty of performance when properly adjusted, especially the ADB and 90 6B engines. The twin cam engines have been manufactured by Harley Davidson since 1988. Although they share many characteristics of the Evolution Engine, they do differ slightly. Having a 45° twin V configuration, and two cylinders, they are both air cooled and the valves are activated by pushrods between the flywheels and the crankshaft, which have a single knife and fork configuration to the connecting rods.

While the twin cam 88 was installed in the 1999 model year Harleys, the 96 wasn’t released until 2007. This motor was not used in soft tail models before the 2000 model year due to incompatible chassis design and a vibration transfer problem, due to a hard mounting of the engine. Harley Davidson Dyna models absorbed all the vibration as they are rubber mounted, which dampens most of the vibration transfer to the frame, and ultimately the rider. The 88 B was designed specifically for the soft tail to address this issue, as it is basically the same engine as the original, only it incorporates a block design, modifying the engine using twin chain driven balance shafts. The 96B was first used in the 2000 models and is currently available in all soft tails. As a side note, you can mount a regular twin cam motor to a pre-2000 soft tail or any frame that once held an Evolution series engine, as there are adapters made through third-party production. Custom Harley Davidsons are gaining popularity on a daily basis. With so many performance parts to choose from, you can bring up the performance of your bike from a little to a lot. After putting performance parts into your custom Harley Davidson, bring your bike to DAS Performance, in Dracut, MA so that we can dyno tune it, making it run smoother and more efficient. With any major modification, the computer needs to be dialed in so it controls fuel and air properly. If you are doing performance upgrades to your custom Harley Davidson, give us a call at 978-453-0807 and set up an appointment to dyno tune your bike today!

Riding season is here!!

Highland roadThe days are now filled with sunshine, lasting longer, and providing more fun on the open roads! Taking that custom Harley Davidson through the back roads in mountainous areas of the northern White Mountains in New Hampshire is as close to heaven as it gets here in New England. Blasting down the Kancamagus Highway with 5 to 10 of your closest friends is something that everyone should experience. At DAS Performance, located in Dracut, MA, we can make sure your Harley Davidson is performing above and beyond your expectations with a large assortment of custom Harley Davidson performance parts, such as a ProCharger® Supercharger, or maybe adding a turbo to your Harley. DAS Performance specializes in performance tuning of Harley Davidsons, Suzuki’s, Hondas, Yamahas and Kawasaki’s. We are dyno tuning specialists, and also do custom exhausts, along with fabrication and welding. If you are looking to modify your sport bike or custom Harley Davidson, bring your ideas to the team at DAS Performance, and we can make them become reality. With over 18 years in the motorcycle and automotive service industry, our reputation speaks for itself. We have built some of the best looking custom Harley Davidson’s out there, with clients all over the United States. We are always looking for new projects, as we are always interested in new optimization of performance and modification of anything that moves! Our motto is, “If it moves, we can make it move faster!” Give us a call at 978-453-0807, or stop into the shop and discuss your latest ideas about how we can make your custom Harley Davidson move faster and sound better!

The Dyno… Can you benefit from it?

Southern 100The answer to this question is an absolute “YES”!! Motorcycle dyno tuning is essential today! With the complexity of motorcycles, more and more technology is required to keep them in top running condition. Connecting your bike to a dynamometer is very similar to you sitting down to a blood pressure machine. Your motorcycle’s heart is the engine, and a dynamometer reads everything that is going on in your engine. It is a diagnostic tool that allows us to simulate the actual riding of a motorcycle in a controlled environment. At DAS Performance, located in Dracut, MA, we use state of the art equipment by Dynojet, and have a 250i model waiting for your bike!

While your motorcycle is connected to the dynamometer, it is also connected to a multitude of computer systems that read engine performance and engine management systems. With motorcycle dyno tuning, we are able to immediately assess the performance and tune it so that it runs more efficiently. Due to EPA regulations, every bike that arrives here in the United States is set up to run lean in the mid range, and rich in the top end. This is so that it will meet EPA regulations at the various stages of performance, so even a crate bike could stand to be dyno tuned before being ridden. For a modest investment, your bike will be tested and adjusted so that it is running at optimum performance. And let’s face it, if you spent $20,000 or more on your motorcycle, wouldn’t you want it running perfectly, so that when you twist the throttle it responds the way it’s supposed to?

With a motorcycle dyno tuning, you can obtain better ride ability, fuel economy, and extra power, all at the same time. Too many people think that dyno tuning is just to make a bike faster. This is just simply not true. It is about the optimization of all of your motorcycle’s functions. Horsepower is how we measure performance. If, after adjustments, your horsepower increases and the engine smooths out, you are moving in the right direction. And, if your horsepower goes down, your adjustments are going the wrong way. Finally, one thing that many people overlook is that a properly dynoed motorcycle can prolong the time between maintenance and scheduled service. With your engine burning the proper amount of fuel, oil changes, tires, brakes, etc., you will now see less wear and tear.

Why is all of this so important? At DAS Performance, we love to ride and we love to see our customers ride also. If your bike isn’t performing, you’re not enjoying it. We can fix that! Give us the opportunity to show you what you’ve been missing all along on your current motorcycle by giving us a call at 978-453-0807 and scheduling a motorcycle dyno tuning for your bike!

Are you trying to tweak the look of your Harley?

Let’s face it, unless you’re a real motorcycle enthusiast, most bikes look the same. When you spend nearly $20,000 for a Harley-Davidson, you wanted to stand out from the rest. Other than a wild color paint job, what are your options? Custom motorcycle parts are the easiest and most cost-effective way to alter the look of your new bike.

At DAS performance, this is what we are all about. We offer complete line of custom modifications and parts for your motorcycle. Whether you own a Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, or Harley-Davidson, we can make it look unique and perform even better with custom motorcycle parts. With over 19 years in the auto and motorcycle world, we have been modifying and building motorized toys nonstop. In our eyes, you can never have too much speed, as we built the world’s fastest oil cooled GSX R 1100. Clocked at 262 MPH, it was a rocket on two wheels! This is our testament to speed, proving that nothing is too fast! We offer simple modifications all the way to wild modifications. With our custom shop, we are able to fabricate and weld anything and with a Dyno tester to measure load control, boost, and MAF monitoring, we can dial your bike in and tell you exactly how we can make it perform better. Custom motorcycle parts go beyond lever controls and LED lighting. We are capable of adding superchargers and turbos to any motorcycle. Check out our videos, and see our supercharged 556 hp Suzuki Hyabusa project. Or, if you are a more laid-back writer and enjoy, say, Harley-Davidson Road King, we can set you up with a nice pair of custom beach bars, or even an engine kit to get more power. With its 1584cc Twin Cam 96 engine , it has lots of power and torque, and can easily support 2 people, we can give it even more power! So are you are interested in custom motorcycle parts, come see this election at DAS performance located at 1901 Bridge St. in Dracut Mass. Or give us a call at 978-453-0807.

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