The Dyno… Can you benefit from it?

Southern 100The answer to this question is an absolute “YES”!! Motorcycle dyno tuning is essential today! With the complexity of motorcycles, more and more technology is required to keep them in top running condition. Connecting your bike to a dynamometer is very similar to you sitting down to a blood pressure machine. Your motorcycle’s heart is the engine, and a dynamometer reads everything that is going on in your engine. It is a diagnostic tool that allows us to simulate the actual riding of a motorcycle in a controlled environment. At DAS Performance, located in Dracut, MA, we use state of the art equipment by Dynojet, and have a 250i model waiting for your bike!

While your motorcycle is connected to the dynamometer, it is also connected to a multitude of computer systems that read engine performance and engine management systems. With motorcycle dyno tuning, we are able to immediately assess the performance and tune it so that it runs more efficiently. Due to EPA regulations, every bike that arrives here in the United States is set up to run lean in the mid range, and rich in the top end. This is so that it will meet EPA regulations at the various stages of performance, so even a crate bike could stand to be dyno tuned before being ridden. For a modest investment, your bike will be tested and adjusted so that it is running at optimum performance. And let’s face it, if you spent $20,000 or more on your motorcycle, wouldn’t you want it running perfectly, so that when you twist the throttle it responds the way it’s supposed to?

With a motorcycle dyno tuning, you can obtain better ride ability, fuel economy, and extra power, all at the same time. Too many people think that dyno tuning is just to make a bike faster. This is just simply not true. It is about the optimization of all of your motorcycle’s functions. Horsepower is how we measure performance. If, after adjustments, your horsepower increases and the engine smooths out, you are moving in the right direction. And, if your horsepower goes down, your adjustments are going the wrong way. Finally, one thing that many people overlook is that a properly dynoed motorcycle can prolong the time between maintenance and scheduled service. With your engine burning the proper amount of fuel, oil changes, tires, brakes, etc., you will now see less wear and tear.

Why is all of this so important? At DAS Performance, we love to ride and we love to see our customers ride also. If your bike isn’t performing, you’re not enjoying it. We can fix that! Give us the opportunity to show you what you’ve been missing all along on your current motorcycle by giving us a call at 978-453-0807 and scheduling a motorcycle dyno tuning for your bike!